Happyland ES Girl One Piece Checker Dress(Fall/Winter)

HK$499.00 HK$899.00

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Happyland ES Girl One Piece Checker Dress(Fall/Winter)

An elegant one piece dress which is a good pick for seasonal outfit. Ruffle collar with skirt bottom in checker pattern. Buttons closure at the back for easy pulling overhead. Comfortable to wear, great for playtime.
  • Composition: Main body 76% polyester 22% rayon 2% polyethene; Collar & Skirt bottom 92% cotton 7% polyester 1% polyethene
  • Natural dye and hypoallergenic
  • Designed in Korea

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About Us

Happyland, a well know children clothing brand in Korea, has 27 years of history and lots of stores in the biggest cities in Korea.

It’s famous for its design and its delicate quality. The designers and the manufacturers of Happyland work hard to reach the goal of building a healthy and happy growing environment for kids through the clothes they make.

The most comfortable touch and the best protection are the two vital concepts in the designers’?minds and hearts.

Fashion colors, the matching styles of art of children’s clothing, etc..., every little detail in Happyland’s clothes is designed and created with love and care.

Every piece of clothes in Happyland helps to present absolutely adorable, naturally innocent and 100% cute babies.