Global Organic Standard Certified Organic Cotton

Organic mom Jason Puffer Jacket (Winter)


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Organic Cotton Outerwear Set



Organic mom is a Korean brand with over 80 shops across Korea. We are dedicated in providing non toxic products for baby and kids from age 0-12 years old. Our products are made with GOTS recognised organic cotton using natural dye. They are free of fluorescent, harmful chemicals and allergen free
Organic mom 係一個韓國品牌,擁有超過80間分店。Organic mom 致力維護小朋友的健康,為0-12歲的小朋友提供安全無毒的產品。產品採用GOTS認證有機棉紗,無毒染色,9成以上都係韓國製造。我們的產品不含任何螢光劑,甲醛或者有害致敏物質。
Detail description
  • 100% polyester filling
  • Made in Korea
  • Water resistant outer shell
  • Side button 
  • Quilting with pocket and 3D mouse decoration
  • 100%聚酯纖維填充
  • 韓國製造
  • 外層防水
  • 邊釦
  • 3D老鼠造型口袋