2018年, 為了增加外出服選擇, Organic mom Hong Kong 加入了有三十年歷史的童裝品牌Happyland. Happyland,有“幸福的兒童世界”之意,承載著打造讓孩子健康、快樂成長環境的信念和志向,以舒適的設計和最優的質量著稱,品牌擁有27年的歷史,是韓國代表性嬰童服飾品牌。國際化的設計團隊在沿襲其簡潔誇張的設計理念的基礎上,磨合且消除了成人裝與童裝的界限,並對每一季產品在原料定織、定染、成衣加工等一系列產品生產過程中,都融入了當下最為流行的設計元素。最舒適的觸感、最佳的保護是其設計理念,注重時尚色彩,推崇童裝搭配藝術,展現了寶寶天真、純淨的自然天性。
In 2018, Organic mom Hong Kong added an outerwear line called Happyland in order to provide a wide range of  outerwear designs for its customers. Happyland is a well know children clothing brand in Korea, has 27 years of history and lots of stores in the biggest cities in Korea. It’s famous for its design and its delicate quality. The designers and the manufacturers of Happyland work hard to reach the goal of building a healthy and happy growing environment for kids through the clothes they make. The most comfortable touch and the best protection are the two vital concepts in the designers’ minds and hearts.  Fashion colors, the matching styles of art of children’s clothing, etc..., every little detail in Happyland’s clothes is designed and created with love and care. Every piece of clothes in Happyland helps to present absolutely adorable, naturally innocent and 100% cute babies.