Global Organic Standard Certified Organic Cotton

Organic Mom


Our baby clothing company, Organic Mom, was founded with love in Korea in 1995. The vision was simple: to give children the purest start to life, with sustainable and natural clothing that parents can trust! Steadily expanding in Korea and Hong Kong with more than 80 stores and counting, Organic Mom is striving to help Moms and Dads safeguard the health and happiness of their little ones.



Safe And Sustainable Clothing For Peace Of Mind

Our innerwears are created with GOTS certified organic cotton, and natural non-toxic dyes, Organic Mom creates baby clothes that do justice to the joy that your little angels bring to the world! We make sure that Organic Mom products are made from materials sourced in nature, while being free from things that could do harm. Explore our playful range of Organic Mom designs: each created to reflect healthy developing bodies, and adventuring young minds!

Natural Clothing For Childhood Confidence

With clothing and accessories for 0-12 year olds, the Organic Mom baby clothing company has kids of all ages covered! You can be confident that the Organic Mom range is free from pesticides and allergens, non-toxic and florescent free. We maintain the highest standards, from design to manufacturing, so that you can enjoy tranquillity of mind. Nothing feels better than knowing that our children are protected and cared for!

Award Winning Protection For Your Little Ones

As proud winners of the 2018 Product Safety Awards, we take our commitment to our customers and the environment very seriously. Organic Mom creates baby clothes, and clothes for kids, that will offer a gentle embrace for sensitive young skin. We work to play our part as guardians of the environment, and the growing children that rock Organic Mom's fun and fashionable natural clothing!

Baby Clothes Created For Busy Moms And Dads

Everything that we can do to make parenting easier is a win for this baby clothing company. Organic Mom products are held to the highest quality for super-powered durability, and well as softness and comfort. What more could you need for your own little superheroes? Become a part of the Organic Mom community today by subscribing, and following us on social media. We would love to share your parenting journey with you!